Right and Wrong are two relative terms. One cant single out a list of things and announce these are a set of right things to follow. It is the people who always choose the  option around them and consider it to be the right one for them. They speak what they feel right to speak, and they do what they feel right to do, no matter what its impact will be on the others.
                    Now lets come to the title of this blog. There is a saying that the arrow fired from a bow and the words spoken through your mouth can never return. One who cant control his mouth cant control his mind. The speech that we speak can be both positive or negative. In a positive way, speech can be, trust worthy, motivating, heart warming, harmonious, comforting, humorous. In a negative way, speech can be lies, speech with an intent to create rift among people, harsh speech to de-motivate people,  speech without any intent etc.
                A soothing word can heal the deepest wound. A well directed dialogue can resolve a complex dispute. A speech can change the course of a country. A speech which can create an impact on its listeners needs the person who is delivering it must have a clear intent. This requires the person to be on complete control over his mind and clarity on three things why, where and most importantly to whom he wants to speak. The speaker must understand the psychological, and physical condition of the person whom he wants to speak. If he doesn’t consider these basic things, then his words can be perceived in a wrong way by the listeners giving destructive results.
               There are some people, who like to speak in a negative way to motivate some one such as to get a positive outcome. This sounds confusing. If you tell some one that you can do nothing in your life again and again, how can he be motivated for his future? Rather he would get excited and make wrong decisions, just to prove the speaker wrong. When Lord Hanuman had forgotten his powers, he was motivated and reminded about his might to jump across the sea. He was not scolded and told that you have no power and you can never jump across the sea to motivate him and remind him his might.
               Everything happening around us is a form of energy. As we know from our basic education, Energy can never be created nor be destroyed. It just transforms itself from one form to another. Speech is also a sort of energy. So the positive or negative words spoken by someone  stays around us and transforms itself into positive or negative energy respectively. So the speaker should carefully choose his words before he is saying something.
              Finally some quotes that I came across, “Speak only the speech that neither torments self nor does harm to others. That speech is truly well spoken. Speak only endearing speech, speech that is welcomed. Speech when it brings no evil to others is pleasant”.

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