Whom to Follow

               We all have a tendency to follow somebody or something . It can be a human being, a religion or some kind of beliefs. But why is it so much important for us to have a guide in our life? Cant we lead ourselves?
               From our birth till getting young, we try to understand our surrounding and give meaning to our perceptions. During this phase, we follow our parents and teachers for their easy access and their ready-made answers to our queries. Our brain stores them as some randomly distributed data.
                   As we age further, our perception for things changes. Every tiny action of ours, like every time we breath or we move our finger, we disturb the whole universe. So all our actions and reactions are interlinked with one another to give a complex network. Once we try to understand these strings, different sets of questions arise within us. To clear these, we look for help and again try to follow the easiest path in front of us for the solution. Now we search for a different source, other than our parents or teachers, because at this stage,we think they cant satisfy us. The next alternative becomes our religion. We look for answers from the holy books of our religion. Lets consider Hinduism. Here we have thirty three crore gods, four Bedas, Ramayan, Mahabharat, Bhagabat Geeta, Puranas and many other scriptures to follow. As our tendency of choosing the easiest alternative, rather than going through the holy scriptures, we search for some Dharm guru or Baba for our answers. The Dharm guru or Baba, sum up all the information given in those scriptures and give us a ready made answer. So now we start following a complete stranger. I have noticed, we Hindus have a huge number of Dharm gurus or babas than the other religions. This shows how desperate, and helpless we are.
                      In the whole process, we forget about ourselves. We forget about our own individuality and our own instincts. We start believing, what others want us to believe. We follow a path what others want us to follow. We act like mere puppets of some external agents and at that juncture we cant hear the voice of our inner conscience and commit doing something which it doesn’t approve us doing.
                          So, whom to blame? The external agents? No, we are our own perpetrators.  Our tendency to chose the easiest alternative that can spoon feed us and solve our problems. Actually all the solutions to our problems are hidden inside us. We just have to explore ourselves to crack the codes within. We need to follow some easiest yet most difficult paths to explore our inner self.
                       Once I was discussing with my father, a professor in History,  and he told me about Budhism. I had learnt about Budhism during my schooling, but I had completely forgotten about it. Though I am not advocating to follow Budhism, I again went through the eight paths given by Budha, which can help us in some extent to explore our inner self. These can be, Right view, Right intention, Right speech, Right action, Right livelihood, Right effort, Right mindfulness, Right concentration. These paths seem very easy but very difficult to follow. Its difficult, as it involves sheer determination,  total control over one’s senses, control over its conscious and sub- conscious mind. All these things cant be attained through the intervention of an external agent, but by the person himself. A person who can follow at least any one of the above paths can solve most of his queries, and most importantly he can learn about his inner self.
                  This article is not against any religion, or Dharm guru or Baba, but is about how a person can be his own master and how he can lead his own path. Once a person takes control of himself, he wont act as a mere puppet of some one else. He will find his own answers and ultimately will find the path to his own destiny.

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