It is an Odiya Delicacy made in every households of Odisha. This is prepared with different sets of Vegetables. The process is very simple and we will be explaining it in detail here….

The very first thing is selection of Vegetables to prepare the dish. There can be numerous combinations. Here I have chosen the following Vegetables. It has two steps first we would cook the vegetables by boiling and then Tempering (Chhonk) the boiled vegetables with spices.

Vegetables to be boiled in boiling water with a pinch of Turmeric powder and salt as per taste:

  • Potato (2 medium size)
  • Papaya (200 gms) (Cut in thin slices)
  • Brinjal (2 medium size)
  • Pumpkin (200 gms)
  • Ridge/ Ribbed Gourd (3 medium size)
  • Ladies Finger (4 to 5 whole)
  • Long Beans (10 to 12 numbers)

Note: The Vegetables have to be cut in big chunks except Papaya…

Tempering /chhonk:

  • Refined or Mustard Oil (One Spoon)
  • Garlic (a handful, smashed)
  • Onion (1 medium)(Cut in thin slices longitudinally)
  • wok/kadaich Phutana (One Teaspoon)
  • Dry Red Chilly (One or two whole)

Note: (Panch Phutana is combination of Cumin Seeds, Black Cumin Seeds, Fennel Seeds,                   Mustard Seeds, Fenugreek Seeds)

Step–I:-Boiling the Vegetables…

  1. Put Potatoes into the boiling water. I have put potato first as it needs more time to cook.IMG_20171028_192142353
  2. Next put Papaya into the wok/kadai.IMG_20171028_193113681
  3. Then put Pumpkin.IMG_20171028_193145384
  4. Then lets put Long Bean into the wok/kadai.IMG_20171028_193528782
  5. In the next step lets put Brinjal into the wok/kadai.IMG_20171028_193602777
  6. Next lets put Ridge/ Ribbed Gourd into the wok/kadai.IMG_20171028_193639583
  7. Now put a pinch of Turmeric Powder and salt as per taste. Then cover the wok/kadai and put it on low flame till the vegetables are completely cooked. (Do not pressure cook the vegetables as it may over cook and reduce the nutritional values of the vegetables.)IMG_20171028_201125639
  8. Before the vegetables are completely cooked, lets put Ladies Finger in to the wok/kadai. I have put it in the last because it takes the least time to cook. And if we put it along with other vegetables then it will be over cooked and make the dish slimy.IMG_20171028_201328015
  9. Turn off the flame once all the vegetables including the Ladies Finger is cooked and keep it aside.IMG_20171028_201308792

    Step–II:-Tempering (chhonk) the Boiled vegetables…There are different combinations one can temper the boiled vegetables as per preference. These can be as follows:

    1. Panh Phutana, Onion, Garlic, and Whole Red Chilly.
    2. Panch Phutana, Garlic, Whole Red Chilly
    3. Panch Phutana, Onion, Whole Red Choilly
    4. Panch Phutana and Whole Red Chilly
    5. Only Panch Phutana

      Here I have used the above ingredients….


  10. Take a wok or kadai and put it on flame and after it gets hot, lets put refined/ mustard oil into it.IMG_20171028_203800053 (1)
  11. Now put Panch Phutana and Dry red Chillys into the wok/kadai and let the spices crackle.IMG_20171028_203812277
  12. Then, put smashed garlic into the wok/kadai and cook it untill they  turn a little red.IMG_20171028_203844143IMG_20171028_203935558
  13. Now lets put Onion into the wok/kadai.IMG_20171028_203947314
  14. Now let it cook for some time in slow flame until it turns transparent. You can sense the beautiful aroma of the mixture, once it is completely cooked.IMG_20171028_204146981
  15. Now temper the boiled vegetables by putting them into the hot spice mixture we have preparedIMG_20171028_204204495
  16. This is it…Preparation of Santula is complete and you can relish it with hot chapati/roti or rice….IMG_20171028_204236763

    You can garnish it with some finely chopped fresh coriander leaves before serving.

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