Jhatpat Chilly Chicken…

Chilly Chicken is one of the most popular recipes of chicken made through out the world. What makes this dish is so popular is the convenience and easily available ingredients to prepare this dish. There are various versions of chilly chicken prepared around the globe. Here I have prepared this dish in a very quick and easy way.


  1. 500 gms. of Chicken (either boneless or with bone cut into small pieces)
  2. 2 medium sized onions cut in large chunks.
  3. 1 medium size finely chopped tomato.
  4. 1 medium size capsicum cut into large chunks.
  5. A handful of finely chopped garlic.
  6. 4 to 5 Green Chillys cut longitudinally.


  1. 1 table spoon lemon juice.
  2. 1 teaspoon black pepper powder.
  3. 1 spoon ginger garlic paste. (I have used a little amount of ginger garlic paste, such that it will help in further removal of the raw smell of chicken.)


  1. Two table spoon Tomato sauce
  2. One table spoon Green Chilly Sause.
  3. One table spoon Soya Sauce

(Mix all the above sauce in a bowl along with two to three table spoons of water.)IMG-20171110-WA0017


The process is quite simple and consists of mainly three stages.


Lets wash and cut the chickens into smaller pieces and mix it with the ingredients mentioned in marination. Now lets marinate the chicken for some time till we prepare the other ingredients to be used in the dish.


  1. When chicken is marinating, lets cut the other ingredients like, garlic, capsicum, onion etc.
  2. Now lets put a wok/kadai on flame and put two table spoons of refined oil when the wok/ kadai heats up.
  3. Now put Chopped Garlic into the hot oil and fry it till the garlic changes its colour.
  4. Now lets put the marinated chicken and salt as per taste to the wok/kadai. Cover the wok and let the chicken cook for 10 min. on slow flame. In this way the chicken will release its juice and it will cook in its own juice. (Salt helps in releasing the juice in chicken)Picture1
  5. After 10 min. lets put onion, green chilly and the sauce mixture into the wok and give all the ingredients a mix. Now again cover the wok for another 10 min. such that the chicken and onions will cook further.Picture2.png
  6. Now lets put our final ingredient Capsicum into the wok and again cover the wok after thoroughly mixing all the ingredients. I have put Capsicum in the very last as I don’t want it to be over cooked and it should have some crunch at the time of serving.IMG-20171110-WA0025
  7. Now after 10 min. turn off the flame. Sprinkle some black pepper powder and Finely chopped coriander powder over the dish for garnishing. Now the Chilly chicken is ready to be served and can be relished with hot rice…

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