Banana- Aloe Shake….

The base of this Recipe is the Banana Milk Shake. Banana is a wonderful fruit, loaded with a huge amount of minerals and vitamins, to start the day with and when blended with milk and some added sweetener it gives a creamy and flavorsome  shake. During the early rush of the morning the banana milk shake acts as a filling supplement to our breakfast providing enough energy at low calorie.

Another Ingredient for this Shake is Aloevera. The list of benefits of Aloevera is needless to explain. It belongs to the group of super foods. It has antibacterial, antiviral, treats bowel related problems, beneficial to skin, hair and many more. People take it in the morning either in raw form or in processed form. When we blend together banana, milk, and aloevera with some added sweetener, it results into a healthy drink that combines all the good things of all these ingredients plus a filling and nutritious start to our daily routine.

For the preparation of a glass of this healthy drink, lets start with the Ingredients:


  1. 1 medium size banana, cut into small slices.
  2. 1 inch long stem of the Aloe vera plant. (The skin of the aloe stem should be removed as we will be only using the fleshy part.)
  3. 1 table spoon of chopped dry fruits.
  4. 1 cup cold skimmed milk. (One can take cold water inplace of milk as per choice)
  5. Honey/ Sugar as per taste.


The process is very easy. The only time consuming part is skinning the aloe stem, but in this case it wont matter as we require very less amount of aloe.

  1. Blend all the ingredients in a mixer grinder. (One thing to take care during blending is, don’t put all the milk/water in the mixer at once with banana and aloe. First blend half of the milk/water along with all other ingredients and once it is blended well, put other half of the milk/water and again blend. In this way there wont be any lumps in the shake.)
  2. Transfer the shake to the serving glass and relish it.
  3. You garnish it with some fruits and dry fruits.


Prepared by:

Tejaswini Jena…


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