Kankada/ Crab Curry….

Kankada/ Crab curry is one of the most relished dishes in the coastal regions of India.

In Odisha, we generally prepare this dish using the freshly caught crabs from Chilika Lake ( Asea’s largest natural salt water lake).

The recipe is quite simple, but the only hardship is to clean and process the crabs.


1. 2Kgs Fresh live Crabs preferably female crabs. (Bring only live and fresh Crabs from the market)

2. 4 to 5 medium size finely chopped onions.

3. 3 medium size Finely chopped tomatoes.

4. 250 gms of finely chopped fresh coriander leaves.

5.  One tablespoon Turmeric powder.

6. One tablespoon Kashmiri chilly powder.

7. 3 to 4 green chillies, slit in the middle.

8. 3 to 4 tablespoon Mustard/ refined oil.

9. Salt as per taste.

For masala paste:

1. 250gms of Garlic cloves (skin removed)

2. 100gms of Ginger.

3. 5 to 6 green Cardamom.

4. 7 to 8 black pepper corns.

5. 2 inches of cinnamon.

6. One teaspoon Cumin seeds.

7. Three to four whole dry red chillies.

8. One tablespoon Turmeric powder.

9. One tablespoon Kashmiri red chilly powder.img_20171217_131359.jpg


1. This step is the most time and energy consuming part of this recipe, but the taste of this dish worths this hardship. Let’s Boil water in a big kadai and then put the live crabs in the boiling water and let them cook for 5 minutes on slow flame. After 5 minutes remove the kadai from the flame and drain all water. Now remove all the inedible parts of the crab like it’s outer shell, gills etc. Keep only the edible parts like, legs, inner body and eggs or fats if any.img_20171217_131333.jpg

2. Now make the paste using the ingredients stated above.

3. Now let’s put a kadai on the flame and heat 3 to 4 tablespoons of mustard oil in it.

4. Then let’s put the finely chopped onions into the hot oil and fry them untill they turn golden brown.

5. In the mean time let’s put turmeric powder and chilly powder into the oil and fry them along with onions.

6. After the onions turned golden brown, let’s put the finely chopped tomatoes into the kadai and fry them untill they are completely cooked.

7. Now let’s put the masala paste into the kadai and fry them along with all other ingredients till oil separates from the masala. We can add little bit of water in between to prevent burning of the masalas.

8. After oil separates from the masala, let’s put our main ingredient, Kankada/ Crab into the kadai. Add salt as per taste and finely chopped coriander leaves into the kadai and mix all these ingredients till the crabs are coated with the masalas.

9. Now cover the kadai and let the crab cook in slow flame for 5 minutes with the juices released by itself and coriander leaves.

10. After 5 minutes, uncover the kadai and put adequate amount of boiling water into the kadai. (Water should be added as per the amount of gravy one prefers)

11. Now, let’s further cook the curry for another 20 to 30 minutes on slow flame.

12. That is it. Preparation of Kankada/ Crab curry is complete. One can relish it with hot rice.


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